Showcasing the Artwork of Sally Mae Joseph

Since a small child I have loved painting and drawing.

My adult working life has been creative in the calligraphy and lettering world running my own business doing mostly formally written commissions, illuminations and teaching internationally

Five years ago I fell in love with painting on canvas after doing a summer school based at Cuckmere, a beauty spot near where I live.  I have now retired to enable me to spend more time painting and drawing in a free and expressive way.

I have been exploring mark making with hands, rags, twigs, brushes, palette knives and other tools that I can push, pull, scratch, dap, rub out and add layer upon layer in acrylic paint to make an image that gives me the feel and essence of my subject.  I like to vary the scale of marks and sometimes introduce the redicuous .

My work usually has a colourful palette and is about using paint to express what I see and feel, recently I have been drawing and painting flora, fauna and the local landscape. I have exhibited in the local Artwave for the last five years and at Arts@theCrypt in Seaford. I am excited about learning more and developing my work in the future