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As a calligrapher, illuminator and lettering artist Sally-Mae will take on any commission, nothing is too big or too small.

Once the client has made contact she will discuss the job with them either through email, over the phone or by person at her studio. When she knows their requirements she will then work out a cost and give a quote for the work, materials and any packing and postage.

Working closely with the client and letting them see rough designs at an early stage, they will work together to get as near to the clients vision as possible.

Sally-Mae’s commissions to date have been varied and include work on vellum, paper, incised in slate and painted on wood. She will also take on heraldic work.

Vellum is calf skin that has been processed and prepared at the only remaining parchment and vellum works in the UK. The skin is a bi product of the industry and no animals are killed for this purpose. A vellum skin gives a very beautiful surface on which gold and paint are particularly suited. As vellum is a special product it has a higher cost than paper.

The production of paper has a very wide and diverse profile – from mass produced paper to specialist hand- made papers. Each one has its specific use and this will be discussed with the client and a suitable one recommended for the job.

Sally-Mae’s commissions have been many and varied over the years, some examples are: The Test Flying Memorial Roll of Honour, Gallantry Awards for the Royal National Lifeboat Institute, Friends of the Musicians Memorial Book, specialist certificates for the British Antique Dealers Association, vellum scrolls for Chatham House, Loyal Addresses for Her Majesty the Queen and Peerage Patents for the House of Lords.

Writing out poems, words of meaning, wedding and party stationery and table plans is something Sally-Mae also loves doing, as she works with the client to enchance their day or for them to give a gift to someone special.