Showcasing the Artwork of Sally Mae Joseph

Since I was a small child I have loved painting and drawing.

My adult working life has been creative in the calligraphy and lettering world, running my own business, doing formally written documents, freestyle broadsheets, illuminations and teaching internationally.

I have been exploring mark making with hands, rags, twigs, brushes, palette knives and other tools that I can push, pull, scratch, dab, rub out and add layer upon layer using acrylic paint. Drawings in charcoal and pen provide the starting point. I like to vary the scale of marks and sometimes introduce the ridiculous.

My work usually has a colourful palette and is about using paint to express what I see, smell and feel. Recently I have been drawing and painting flora, fauna and the local landscape. I have exhibited in the local Artwave for the last three years and at Arts@the Crypt in Seaford. I am excited about learning more and developing my work in the future.